University manager – Africa

University manager - West Africa

Sunday Ogunleye Olayinka 

University manager - West Africa

  • +234 813 092 1860
  • +229 693 55 271
  • English



COO – Chief Operating Officer

COO – Chief Operating Officer

Emmanuel B. Adebayo
  • +234 905 535 9176
  • English

COO – Chief Operating Officers

The Chief Operating Officer is in charge of the day-to-day administration and operation of the business.

  1. Executing the company’s business plans according to its business model,
  2. Instruct the human resources department to hire more quality control personnel,
  3. Determines the specifics needed to carry out the CEO’s general plan,
  4. Involved with strategic planning for the future and may establish initiatives to expand the organization’s product lines or markets.
  5. Responsible for products, services,  research and development, and even marketing.
  6. Responsible for the execution of the strategies proposed by the CEO and the rest of the VAL Africa’s senior leadership,
  7. daily communication with the CEO, creating operations strategies and policies, communicating operational strategies to partners and overseeing human resource development,
  8. Leads the implementation of VAL Africa strategies.
  9. The change agent who is hired to lead a new initiative, such as organizational change.
  10. The mentor who is brought on board to mentor younger or newer team members within VAL Africa.

VAL Executive Management

VAL Executive Management

Andrej Keber

CEO - VAL Africa business group owner and author.

  • +386 41 719 321
  • Systhema d.o.o. - SI - Slovenia
  • Slovensko, Italiano, English

Worldwide management :

  • Worldwide coordination,
  • General management for Europe, West Africa, and whole SubSaharan Africa
  • Pilot Project management.  
  1. Responsible to  represent Slovenian and European companies and organizations in Africa,
  2. Responsible to lead and negotiate, discuss, manage and communicate with Nigerian, West African and other SubSaharan:
    1.  importers, dealers, and distributors, business partners,
    2. federal authorities and other Sub Saharan authorities, governments, Ministries and others
  3. management of the business development team,
  4. Setting targets for new business development for business development managers and executives.
  5. identifying sales opportunities as a result of market changes.
  6. Acting as a key contact for large customer accounts.
  7. Working with the marketing team to devise marketing materials and tools to support new business teams.
  8. Monitoring customer satisfaction with existing clients to ensure service delivery.
  9. Implementing new business initiatives across the new business and sales teams.

Africa Executive manager

Africa Executive Management

Jeremiah Adeola Adegboye

Executive manager - Africa

  • +234 703 555 7482
  • Aryan multi concepts services Limited
  • English, Français

Economical diplomacy

Economical  diplomacy

Côte d’Ivoire
M: +225 07803062,  +225 06162727,   +225 03932222     
M: +2347080767500, +2348147661281


Dr. Lee B. Babatunde is authorized to lead and has full mandate to support Andrej Keber and Lady Victoria Walker for communication and negotiation with governments in West Africa, Sub-Saharan, Africa and worldwide with:

  1. different African and worldwide organizations,
  2. different educational units,
  3. institutes,
  4. international companies,
  5. and other interested parts worldwide.

Operations manager

Operations manager

Uduak Wilson

Operations manager Nigeria

  • +234 810 134 8150
  • English
  • Abuja - Nigeria

Function and roles

Education & EU funds

Education & EU funds

Dr. Andrej Raspor

VAL Education & EU funds

  • CEATM d.o.o.
  • Slovene, English


PR Marketing

General Business & Marketing

Jonathan Daniel Ojadah
  • Jodela Integrated Services Ltd
  • English

Investors safe and trustworthy projects

The Arise O Nigeria Empowerment Initiative..

As a humanitarian and Philantrophists, Amb. Jonathan Daniel was inducted into the International Peace Commission, USA in 2015 with the responsibilities of promoting peace, equality, human rights, economic development and educational access in Nigeria and following an active Performance with IPC (The inter Governmental Organization), the United Nation Women engaged Amb. Jonathan on empowering youths and women towards achieving sustainable development goals in Nigeria.

This led him to the Establishment of Arise O Nigeria Empowerment Initiative, A Non Governmental Organization registered in Nigeria, inaugurated and endorsed by the United Nations women in 2016 for empowerment and advocacy of vulnerable youths, women, promoting peace and good governance in Nigeria.

On the basis of Good Goverance, Amb. Jonathan initiated the Democratic Youth Movement For Good Governance which is established to contribute to the reinforcement of democratic processes in Nigeria.

Amb. Jonathan has led the NGO, Arise O Nigeria to partner with credible international organizations like the African German information Centre in Hamburg -Germany, The African Youth Union Council in Addis Ababa, and the Nigerians In Diaspora Organization in Europe (NIDOE) on the capacity of rendering humanitarian services to Nigerian youths and women while adapting and applying the United Nation conventions against transnational organized crimes. 

The basis of this partnership is to strenghten the workforce to interface with governments, communities and the civil society thereby causing an effective bilateral relations between various African country Government and the Government of Nigeria while managing grants for civil society organizations including Labour Unions, Women and Youths organizations while implementing diverse community development projects.

In 2018, he led the move to join force with various civil societies and Government agencies to support Arise O Nigeria on the following components…

Component 1: Rendering Support to the Independent National Electoral Commission on…


Component 2: CAMPAIGN AGAINST ILEGAL MIGRATION & HUMAN TRAFFICKING… The recent scourge in Libya has geared him to address migration flaws through an aggressive sensitization program through an enhanced local and international cooperation aiming at addressing the root causes thereby cracking down on smugglers and traffickers hence protecting the right of victims, Nigerian & Africans at large. He has passionately volunteered to enjoin forces with organizations such as the Nigerian Immigration, National Orientation agency & The National Commission for Refugees, Migrants & Internally Displaced Persons (NCRMI).

In the nearest future, Amb. Jonathan hopes to create meaningful coexistence in sustaining bilateral relations in Asia and America which will contribute more to the promotion of local and national humanitarian projects in Nigeria while aligning with the vision of the United Nations, European Union & African Union in promoting the campaign against racism, slavery, unemployment, value and ethics as a stimulation of mass participation in driving the ideals of true PAN Africanism.

Arise O Nigeria hopes to empower young ladies with a strong leadership character, providing them with a powerful voice at the global, regional and local levels to promote gender related issues in Africa with the indication of facts arising from women lacking access to decent work, basic education, occupational segregation, gender wage gaps as they are also under- represented in political and economic decision -making processes.

Read More about Arise O Nigeria accomplishments can via

Function and roles

Amb. Jonathan E. Daniel Ojadah hails from Isoko North LGA, Aviarha, Delta State Nigeria.

  • He is an Integrated Marketing & Public Relations expert who has consistently delivered sustainable solutions to many brands through his top-notch marketing and innovative branding strategies.
  • His tertiary education spanned from the Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo State where he studied Business Administration, then proceeded to the International British Institute (IBI), Cairo, Egypt where he possessed a Diploma and PGD in Information technology.
  • He is a business administrative Specialist, an Associate Chartered Economist and Associate Member of The Society of Educational Administrators in Nigeria.


  • With over 15 years professional experience which spans across Marketing, Talent /Project Management, Corporate Communications and Multimedia Authoring,
  • his special skills in enhancing product and corporate marketability across traditional and digital channels, have had him successfully lead his marketing communication team for key start-up organizations both local and international.
  • Amb. Jonathan is officially engaged in the UK as one of the PR Team for CommonWealth.
  • He is a Philanthropist and his passion for humanity led to the establishment of Arise O Nigeria, An NGO endorsed and inaugurated by The UN Women executives in New York, the USA for empowering vulnerable youths & women toward achieving sustainable development goals in Nigeria.
  • He is currently the Project Development Consultant to National Tourism Megacity, The Nigerian Unity Museum & Tourism Village (NUMATVILLE) and was certified as an‎ Event Ambassador by The Nigerian Olympic Committee (NOC) as a result of his incredible participation with the organizing committee staging the 2017 Olympic Day Celebration.
  • He is currently managing a lot of Top Nigerian Entertainment celebrities and presently appointed as Senior Special Assistant to a 2019 Presidential aspirant based on his gathered experience working as Senior Special Assistant to notable Personalities like Amb. John Fashanu, (Football Legend & UNICEF Ambassador), Dr. Akin Olowookere (2016 Ondo State Governorship aspirant, Chairman, The Nigerian Unity Museum & ‎Tourism Village) and Prince Godswill Edward (Special Adviser to the Governor of Crossriver State on youth affairs).
  • Amb. Jonathan Daniel is the Chairman of Jodela Media, A division of Jodela Integrated Services Ltd, A Top Notch Marketing, Media & Public Relations consulting firm.
  • Jodela Integrated Services Ltd is currently engaged as an Event PR & Marketing  Consultant to the Association of Stockbroking Houses of Nigeria (ASHON).

Côte d’Ivoire – Import Export

Côte d’Ivoire - Management

Prince Durosinmi Adebisi A.

Côte d’Ivoire - Management​

  • +225 08 00 69 15
  • Prince Megal Store Enterprises Limited - RCCM: CI-ABJ-2015-A-13921
  • English, Français

Function and roles

Legal Outsourcing

Legal Outsourcing (LPO)

Drilona Bara

Legal Outsourcing


Legal Outsourcing 
Bara Law is one of the Albania’s largest and well known law firms with offices in Tirana. Bara Law’s mission is to provide people with easier access to world-class consumer legal services. The firm provides specialist legal and complementary services in a broad range of areas. With over 20 years’ experience, our reputation is built on the range of expertise offered by our partners & staff, and on the scope of their practical experience.

Functions and roles

  1. Outsourcing for VAL Africa and their business partners in Albania and Kosovo
  2. Coordinates VAL Africa business interests in Albania and in Kosovo.
  3. Authorized to fully represent business group VAL Africa and their business partners to lead, negotiate, discuss, and fully manage all legal, cultural, social and other business interests of the group in Albania and Kosovo.
  4. Certified government economic consultancy and representation in Albania and Kosovo,