VAL Executive Management

Andrej Keber

CEO - VAL Africa business group owner and author.

  • +386 41 719 321
  • Systhema d.o.o. - SI - Slovenia
  • Slovensko, Italiano, English

Our roles

  • Worldwide coordination management.
  • Developing new projects.
  • Pilot Project management.   

Contact us for

  1. If you are  new  partner, or you want to become partner and represent us in Slovenia, whole Europe and Africa.
  2. For business negotiations, general management,
  3. To find new importers, dealers, and distributors, business partners,
  4. To communicate with federal authorities or local uthorities, governments, Ministries and others
  5. Setting targets for new business development for business development managers and executives.
  6. identifying sales opportunities as a result of market changes.
  7. Implementing new business initiatives across the new business and sales teams